Hi, I'm Rosie.

I started my career working at some of the most respected global PR agencies.

Court & Spark Communications was launched in 2019, with the aim of maximising brand growth through strategic digital campaigns.

I learned from the crème de la crème of Meta marketing pros, helping me to deliver target-smashing campaigns using the very latest trends and insights for both agencies and independent brands.

  • Most profitable quarter to date for fashion retailer Rae Feather: return on ad spend of 83, and total sales of £70K over a six month period

  • £67.6K in sales for high-street brand Poundland over six months 

  • Increased sales, web traffic and brand awareness of The Spice Kitchen via a six-week campaign, resulting in a return on ad spend of 7.08 and total sales of £7.5K

Proven results